Her color sensibility, particularity in her interiors and still life, draws me in initially where the fullness and truth of the color hits both the exact color needed to establish the form, light, as well as mood and drama. But it is her compositional organization of elements, their subtle geometric and linear relations that keep me staying engaged within the painting.

I love what she says in her statement about measuring “I do measure and find it is a way of keeping a painting fresh and open because my measurements are always changing and I am continually reestablishing them. Also measuring is a way of creating relationships in a painting. It is not an ethos with me and I find that at some point measurements don’t work and intuition takes over. Identifying key color or value relationships, developing a sense of light, paying attention to edges and a good sense of touch are as important as measuring. On a painting that takes a long time I feel there is a gradual accretion of decisions and perceptions and a density accrues that is more than the sum of its parts (hopefully).